UK: Nurses Reject Pay Offer, Plan More Strikes

    Photo: PA Media [via BBC]

    The Facts

    • On Friday, nurses in the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) union rejected the UK government's offer of a 5% pay increase plus a minimum £1,655 ($2,050) cash bonus and set out plans for further strikes over the first May bank holiday.

    • The decision comes in contrast to union leaders' recommendation to accept the offer and means there will be a round-the-clock 48-hour strike — without exemptions — from April 30 until May 2.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    RCN nurses made the right choice to reject the conservative government’s inadequate pay offer. The decision is a massive win for union members across the UK and a devastating blow for the Tories. The anti-labor forces are losing ground, and until a more reasonable offer is presented, the unrest will only continue.

    Right narrative

    The RCN’s decision to reject a fair offer and significant pay raise isn't only reckless and deeply concerning but also isn't representative of what most workers want. It's disheartening that a minority of RCN members were able to derail a deal that was widely supported by most union members.

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