US Accuses Chinese Nationals of 'Gate-Crashing' Military Facilities

    US Accuses Chinese Nationals of 'Gate-Crashing' Military Facilities
    Last updated Sep 04, 2023
    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


    • The US Dept. of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have identified about 100 incidents involving Chinese nationals — sometimes posing as tourists — allegedly trying to "gate crash" American military and other installations without proper authorization as potential acts of espionage.
    • The US government said these incidents include PRC nationals crossing into a US missile range in New Mexico and scuba divers swimming near a Florida rocket launch site.
    • Some incidents included visitors following Google Maps directions to a military base in order to arrive at McDonald's or Burger King. Chinese nationals allegedly tried to move past guards at an army base in Alaska saying they had hotel reservations on the base.
    • US Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) — who is a member of the House Intelligence Committee — suggested that more incidents may not be accounted for because most trespassing laws are state and local in nature.
    • In addition, arrests were reportedly made in at least one of these incidents. In 2020, three Chinese citizens pleaded guilty to illegally entering a naval air station in Key West and taking photos.
    • This report comes following recent steps by the PRC and US to reduce tensions following February's spy balloon incident.


    Anti-China narrative

    This latest wave of Chinese espionage should come as no surprise. The PRC takes every opportunity it can to target US industry and government agencies to attempt to steal military and industrial secrets. The US must be on maximum alert for this type of behavior.

    Pro-China narrative

    Despite the constant allegations by Washington of supposed PRC espionage activities, the truth is that the US is the world's most extensive spy power. America should focus on building goodwill to mend its relationship with China and reduce its own surveillance state intrusions.

    Establishment split



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