Blinken: US Diplomacy has Slowed Chinese Spying Activity

Image copyright: US Department of State [via Flickr]

The Facts

  • US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday stated that diplomatic actions taken by the Biden administration have slowed down a Chinese effort to expand its military and intelligence presence overseas.

  • Though not disclosing every step taken to counter Beijing's alleged spying, he revealed that the US has engaged at high levels with governments that are weighing hosting China bases to exchange information with them.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

Though the violation of American sovereignty posed by a potential Chinese spying base in Cuba cannot be compared to that of the spy balloon that flew across the US, it is infinitely more dangerous as it risks giving Beijing a permanent foothold in the Western Hemisphere. This move indicates another escalation of China's aggressive geopolitical expansion despite attempts by the Biden admin. to improve relations.

Pro-China narrative

Despite the US rhetorically stressing the importance of restoring high-level communication with China, its actions suggest other priorities. The fact that this absurd rumor emerged days ahead of Blinken's reported visit to Beijing is no coincidence, as the US government initially dodged this speculation before later adding new elements to it. It is time for the US to stop risking global peace over silly games.

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