US Panel Votes to Expand Compassionate Release for Prisoners

Photo: reuters

The Facts

  • On Wednesday, the US Sentencing Commission approved new guidelines that will expand inmates' ability to qualify for compassionate release from federal prison.

  • According to a release by the commission, the guidelines on inmates serving their first federal conviction were changed to “maximize public safety and encourage consideration of alternatives to incarceration.”

The Spin

Left narrative

Chronically ill and elderly people within the federal prison system should be shown compassion. The recidivism rate for elderly prisoners 65 and older is less than 4%, and keeping these people incarcerated cost taxpayers enormous amounts of money annually. While this new legislation is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to reform compassionate release for vulnerable populations.

Right narrative

Crime continues to surge to some of its highest levels in decades. Unfortunately, some US leaders continue to profoundly, and perhaps intentionally, make the wrong decisions. We cannot sit back and allow criminals to return to the streets before serving their time. It is outright dangerous to allow felons to roam the street, and we cannot have a nation that condones serious offenses. It is vital to uphold law and order.

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