US Warns Americans Against Traveling to China

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    The Facts

    • On Friday, the US State Department updated its China travel advisory, urging Americans to reconsider travel to the PRC due to its arbitrary enforcement of local laws.

    • Citing “exit bans and the risks of wrongful detentions,” Washington warned that “US citizens traveling or residing in the PRC may be detained” without fair and transparent process under the law or access to US consular services.

    The Spin

    Anti-China narrative

    The Chinese government is enforcing arbitrary laws to prosecute foreign nationals in the name of espionage. The safety and security of its citizens at home and abroad are of the utmost importance to the US, which is why they must heed the warning and be aware of any risks they may face if traveling to the PRC.

    Pro-China narrative

    This is not the first travel advisory instructing Americans to avoid traveling to China, and it will likely not be the last, as such warnings result from tensions between the world’s two largest economies rather than actual or perceived risk to life. The US ranks 129th on the Global safety index, while China ranks 89 — the PRC is safer, fairer, and more peaceful than the violent and anti-Asian America.

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