Whistleblower: US Has Secret UFO Retrieval Program

    Whistleblower: US Has Secret UFO Retrieval Program
    Last updated Jun 06, 2023
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    • David Grusch, a former member of the US Office of Naval Intelligence's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force, has alleged that the US has evidence of "intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin," according to a report published Monday by The Debrief.[1]
    • Grusch alleges that the US has been recovering "exotic" technology for decades and that "material science testing," "vehicle morphologies," and "unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures" have shown some recovered materials to be the product of "non-human intelligence."[2]
    • In his whistleblower complaint to Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), Grusch says UAP programs have continued "without appropriate oversight" in what he alleges is a "publicly unknown Cold War."[3]
    • While he says he can't reveal the evidence for national security reasons, Grusch claimed senior UAP officials provided him with documents and testimony of a secret UFO program that has allegedly also retrieved "dead pilots."[4]
    • The ICIG reportedly found Grusch's complaint that UAP-related materials were being withheld from Congress "credible and urgent" in 2022, while, according to the Debrief, the Dept. of Defense (DOD) cleared Grusch's claims for publication in April 2023.[2]
    • However, a DOD spokesperson cast doubt on the allegations, claiming that the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, previously the UAP Task Force, hasn't found "any verifiable information to substantiate [the] claims."[5]


    Establishment-critical narrative

    While there's yet to be concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life, this report certainly raises questions. Grusch's integrity is above reproach, and corroborating evidence strongly points to the existence of UAP material of non-human origin. While these claims may not yet be verified, what is certain is that the government is far from transparent, begging the question, are we truly alone in the universe?

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Despite decades of public fascination and government attention, there's still no evidence to suggest the possibility of human-extraterrestrial contact. The media has been running away with claims of UFO "proof" based on sketchy reports and leaps of logic, and all reporting that claims aliens are responsible for UAPs leaves the realm of rationality and enters the domain of unverifiable, conspiratorial thinking.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 20% chance conclusive evidence for extraterrestrial life will be discovered in our Solar System by 2050, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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