Biden EO Restricts US Tech Investment in China

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The Facts

  • On Wednesday, Pres. Joe Biden signed an executive order (EO) restricting US investment in some of China’s high-tech industries, including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced semiconductors.

  • The EO, aimed at preventing US capital and intelligence from aiding in China’s military modernization and the alleged undermining of US national security, comes amid rising tensions between the world’s largest economies.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

It’s about time the US realized the threat China poses and acted to prevent it from obtaining advanced technology that’s crucial to building up a modern military. This is a national security risk the US must snuff out.

Pro-China narrative

The US is only hurting itself and the rest of the global economy by issuing an order that will exacerbate the supply chain crisis. Meanwhile, China will continue to develop semiconductors and other equipment that will make its military as advanced as it wants it to be. It’s a lose-lose for the US.

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