WHO Warns of Dengue Spread Within US, Europe, Africa

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    The Facts

    • The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the southern US, southern Europe, and new parts of Africa could face a major threat from dengue fever over the rest of this decade. Jeremy Farrar, a WHO infectious diseases specialist, has suggested that dengue fever could "take off" in these regions.

    • Dengue causes approximately 20K deaths per year, mostly in Asia and Latin America.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    While deniers of global warming continue to hinder progress in battling climate change impacts, a warming world is now making it easier for mosquitoes to spread another dangerous virus to a wider array of victims. It's vital to address the full scope of the climate emergency ranging from wildfires to storms to floods — and even new infectious disease threats.

    Narrative B

    Despite what climate alarmists may say, there's hardly a link between dengue fever and climate change. Numerous studies have shown that there has been no temperature rise in the areas where dengue is most widespread, and the disease hasn't changed or spread in any novel way since it was discovered centuries ago. Climate change can't be the common denominator of everything — including dengue fever.

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