45 Killed After South Africa Bus Crash

45 Killed After South Africa Bus Crash
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The Facts

  • On Thursday, 45 people were killed in South Africa after a bus carrying worshippers to an Easter weekend celebration crashed into a bridge, plunged down a mountain pass, and burst into flames, killing everyone except a seriously injured 8-year-old girl.

  • The bus was traveling from Gaborone, Botswana's capital, to a popular Easter festival in Moria in the northern Limpopo province. However, the vehicle crashed on a bridge in a mountainous area near Mamatlakala, descending 164 feet (50m) into a ravine before catching fire.

The Spin

Narrative A

South Africa has failed to adequately invest in road safety, leading to a national crisis and major tragedies. Much of the country’s roads — especially in rural areas — are accidents waiting to happen, so the government must immediately invest in major infrastructure improvements.

Narrative B

South Africa is doing its best to allocate its financial resources in the most effective way. In 2024, the government is prioritizing infrastructure and transportation, building up roads and other public infrastructure. However, it will take some time for South Africa to achieve its ambitious infrastructure goals, which will help to prevent tragic accidents in the future.

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