Border Patrol Deputy Chief Suspended for Alleged Misconduct

Border Patrol Deputy Chief Suspended for Alleged Misconduct
Image copyright: John Moore/Staff/Getty Images News via Getty Images

The Facts

  • US Customs Border Protection (CBP) suspended acting Border Patrol deputy chief Joel Martinez on Thursday for alleged misconduct, CBP spokesperson Erin Waters confirmed. CBP did not further elaborate on the case, citing privacy laws.

  • Martinez was not arrested, but Waters said the agency does “not tolerate misconduct within our ranks.” Waters added that CBP immediately refers any potential misconduct for investigation as soon as it's discovered.

The Spin

Left narrative

Considering the stories of misconduct that are constantly emerging from Border Patrol, it's no surprise that someone of authority is facing allegations of misconduct. The number of investigations CBP has conducted shows there are systemic issues that must be addressed with Border Patrol.

Right narrative

No one knows what Martinez did, but it's more likely he was doing his best to protect the US from the invasion at the southern border that the Biden administration refuses to stop. While millions of illegal migrants are flooding the US, it seems the government only wants to punish those tasked with enforcing immigration law.

Political split



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