Colorado Voters to Decide Abortion Access

    Colorado Voters to Decide Abortion Access
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    The Facts

    • The Colorado Secretary of State's Office announced Friday that the state's voters will decide in November whether to make abortion a constitutional right after backers gathered 159,930 valid signatures.

    • The vote would also lift Colorado's nearly four-decade-old constitutional ban on the use of state funds for abortion.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Colorado's Initiative 89, which would enshrine unrestricted abortion rights in the state constitution, is an extreme stance, removing protections for the unborn even moments before birth and limiting health and safety regulations for clinics. The initiative goes beyond the original intent of Roe v. Wade. It must be rejected.

    Left narrative

    Colorado seeks to solidify abortion rights as, despite the legality of abortion in Colorado post-Roe v. Wade, there's no constitutional protection. Initiative 89 will guarantee the right to abortion and prevent government interference. The current campaign emphasizes the need for comprehensive protection against anti-abortion politics and the threat of nationwide restrictions.

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