Cyprus Alarmed Over Increase in Syrian Migrant Arrivals

Cyprus Alarmed Over Increase in Syrian Migrant Arrivals
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The Facts

  • Cypriot Pres. Nikos Christodoulides on Tuesday said that the record number of migrants entering the country from Syria and Lebanon over recent weeks was "deeply concerning."

  • A total of 137 migrants arrived by sea on Monday, with the three boat drivers — aged 17, 22, and 36 — arrested. The previous day, at least 270 migrants arrived in Cyprus from Lebanon on five boats.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

While Cyprus' immigration influx has dropped significantly over the last few years, Europe has acknowledged that the problem persists and that the EU must do more to help. Germany, for example, agreed to accept 1K of these refugees last year, while the EU's law enforcement body has also promised to help combat human smuggling. This is a humanitarian issue that requires international cooperation.

Establishment-critical narrative

Cyprus' migrant crisis is far worse than reported. In 2022, native births were reportedly around 4K compared to 12K migrant arrivals. This isn't just an economic issue — the rapid growth in the migrant population compared with that of natives poses an existential threat to the social fabric of Cyprus and risks exposing Cypriots to crime and instability.

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