Democratic Senator Suggests Biden Should Ban PRC EVs

Democratic Senator Suggests Biden Should Ban PRC EVs
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The Facts

  • Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), urged President Joe Biden in a video on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday to stop all imports of Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) to the US, saying they pose "an existential threat to the American auto industry."

  • The White House announced in February that it was investigating whether Chinese cars pose a national security threat due to their internet connectivity, and ability to collect sensitive data and record US infrastructure using cameras and sensors.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

There's no way for American manufacturers to compete on an equal playing field with subsidized Chinese EVs. Allowing these cars on US roads would be a major blow to the US auto industry, destroying the United Auto Workers and the union's ability to boost wages. These PRC-made vehicles also represent a significant national security concern since the Chinese Communist Party will be able to collect a considerable amount of sensitive data. President Biden urgently needs to ban Chinese EVs.

Pro-China narrative

The outlandish notion that PRC EVs pose a national security threat to the US is an accusation China is all too familiar with when Washington attempts to shut down Chinese companies or industries without providing any evidence. The US is once again using protectionism to defend its hegemonic interests while limiting the competitiveness of others. It's not acceptable to use non-market measures to avoid global market competition.

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