Denmark: Nord Stream Sabotaged, No Ground for Criminal Charges

Denmark: Nord Stream Sabotaged, No Ground for Criminal Charges
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The Facts

  • Denmark on Monday wrapped up its investigation into the 2022 explosions of the Nord Stream pipelines, concluding that the blasts resulted from deliberate sabotage. However, Danish authorities said there weren't "sufficient grounds" to pursue a criminal case.

  • Previously, neighboring Sweden closed its investigation into the Nord Stream explosions Feb. 7, determining that a state actor was the most likely culprit. But it ended further probes because it lacked jurisdiction to prosecute foreign governments.

The Spin

Pro-Russia narrative

Denmark is covering up for its NATO allies by claiming they blew up the pipelines while refusing to pursue further probes. It's absurd to believe Russia blew up its own pipeline, while Western powers were the ones with the motive. Seymour Hersh found evidence of the Biden administration ordering the pipeline's destruction, which is the logical explanation.

Anti-Russia narrative

After two completed investigations, there's still no consensus on who's responsible for the bombings. Denmark and Sweden were only looking into whether domestic actors were involved, so they can't determine who might've done it. Since credible sources have pointed a finger at Russia, it's still possible Moscow ordered the bombing.

Metaculus Prediction

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