DRC: Mortar Fire Kills Three Tanzanian Soldiers

DRC: Mortar Fire Kills Three Tanzanian Soldiers
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The Facts

  • According to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), three Tanzanian soldiers were killed in a mortar attack in conflict-ridden eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

  • The soldiers, part of the SADC's peacekeeping mission (SAMIDRC) to support the DRC's government troops fighting the M23 rebels, died after a "hostile mortar round" hit "near the camp they were staying at."

The Spin

Narrative A

The growing number of fatalities in this conflict is a grim reminder of Rwanda's illegal presence in the region. In a bid to control the DRC's vast mineral resources, Rwandan President Paul Kagame is pulling the strings by supporting the M23, increasing the risk of a full-scale regional conflict. This situation already ranks as one of the world's most complex humanitarian disasters, which is why Kagame's forces must be removed from the country immediately.

Narrative B

The global narrative surrounding this conflict ignores the basic failed governance by the DRC. By accusing Rwanda of supporting the M23, Kinshasa is manipulating the international community and distracting attention from its own failure. Besides the M23, some 250 other armed groups are active in the region, with the DRC backing the group responsible for the 1994 genocide and threatening to invade Rwanda. The conflict can only be resolved if Kinshasa is forced to take responsibility.

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