EU's AI Act Gets Final Approval

EU's AI Act Gets Final Approval
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The Facts

  • The EU's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act will officially take effect next month after the bloc's member countries voted Tuesday in favor of a December deal to approve legislation drafted by the European Commission.

  • The European Council's approval means the law will begin to come into force in 20 days, with phased implementation taking over two years to complete.

The Spin

Narrative A

Once again, the EU has set world-leading regulatory standards, acting quickly and in unison in a unique manner within international politics. Though the EU’s AI regulation may not become a universal model, it provides a commendable framework for other governments to work toward. Despite critiques and challenges, the EU leads in methodically addressing AI's risks and benefits.

Narrative B

While a step in the right direction, the EU's AI Act contains limitations that must be addressed. Despite some successes, the legislation offers exemptions to industries both in the private and public sectors that are most in need of restriction and scrutiny. For now, if the law is to succeed and European democracy is to be protected, close coordination with civil society and human rights experts is a necessity.

Narrative C

EU lawmakers have chosen to stifle the innovation of technology they do not understand. Despite good intentions, governmental AI regulation is dependent on a level of knowledge that EU bureaucrats lack, and it is likely that the law will only become a detriment to the bloc's future success.

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