FDA Approves AI-Powered Skin Cancer Detector

    Photo: Pexels.com

    The Facts

    • Miami-based device maker DermaSensor announced Wednesday that its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered device to help physicians detect cancer on suspicious moles or lesions has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The product is also called DermaSensor.

    • The wireless, handheld device uses spectroscopy technology to examine lesions at cellular and subcellular levels before its algorithm scans the characteristics of the skin. It was evaluated in a Mayo Clinic-led study across 22 centers with over 1K patients, resulting in a 96% sensitivity rate for all 224 types of skin cancer, as well as a 97% accuracy rate for identifying benign tumors.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Using AI in oncology will revolutionize cancer detection and treatment. Tests like these will allow patients to avoid uncomfortable and invasive procedures while also obtaining incredibly accurate results. Furthermore, scientists are developing AI tools to better prescribe chemotherapy and even drug treatments. This technology will be a powerful assistant to doctors in the fight against cancer.

    Narrative B

    The assimilation of AI into healthcare runs the risk of giving those with a financial stake too much power. Even as AI makes health care more efficient, the government must make sure inexpensive options aren't disregarded in favor of more profitable choices.

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