France: Manhunt for Escaped Prisoner Enters Third Day

    France: Manhunt for Escaped Prisoner Enters Third Day
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    The Facts

    • The manhunt for a French fugitive inmate — a suspected drug boss known as "La Mouche" (The Fly) — has entered its third day, after Interpol issued a "Red Notice" international request warrant for him on Wednesday at the request of French authorities.

    • Hundreds of law enforcement officers have been deployed in Normandy as part of an “unprecedented” effort to catch him and the accomplices who carried out a prison-break ambush that killed two officers and injured three others.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Whenever there is a deadly attack in France, or any other European nation, the culprit is almost always a non-European descendent or migrant. France has become the poster for a once-great country that opened its doors to crime and gang violence, yet its leaders will condemn anyone who states the obvious. The endless cycle of terror attacks and rampant crime doesn’t need to continue, but stopping it starts with calling out the problem — even if it's politically incorrect.

    Left narrative

    This prison van attack is a tragedy that should be approached as a unique case; however, some on the far-right are trying to use the story to make broader statements about crime and immigration. There’s no doubt that Amra was a violent criminal, and law enforcement is committed to finding him and his accomplices. Right now, focus should remain on mourning the officers who died and finding the fugitives. Any other comments are inappropriate and irrelevant.

    Metaculus Prediction

    Political split



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