Guinea: Military Leaders Dissolve Government

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    The Facts

    • Guinea's military junta, which took power in a coup in 2021, said it has dissolved the government. It also froze the bank accounts of government ministers and ordered them to hand in their passports and official vehicles.

    • The announcement was made via a pre-recorded video, in which the presidency's Secretary General, Brig. Gen. Amara Camara, conveyed the message while armed and masked soldiers stood beside him. However, he didn't explain why the military made the decision.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Former Pres. Conde's attempt to create a new Constitution was a sad state of affairs, especially due to it resulting in a military coup. Regional African bodies have been inconsistent and weak in their enforcement of rules and sanctions, which is likely why Doumbouya has taken so long to pursue his promised return to civilian rule. If West African states like Guinea are going to progress, neighboring states and international partners will have to apply more pressure.

    Establishment-critical narrative

    When observing all the West African coups in recent years, it's important to know that before almost all of them, the US military had been training the same men that later overthrew their governments. US Green Berets were training Mamady Doumbouya in the summer of 2021, during which he and his men took a break from the course and violently overthrew the president. The US Dept. of State and Pentagon should be questioned about these conveniently timed coups.

    Establishment split



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