Italy: League Party Works to Remove EU Flag From Public Offices

Italy: League Party Works to Remove EU Flag From Public Offices
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The Facts

  • Italian Senator Claudio Borghi, of the right-wing Lega (League) party, said Thursday he proposed legislation to "repeal" the "law that introduced the obligation to display the European Union flag outside and inside public buildings."

  • In his call to repeal the 1998 law, Borghi said only the Italian national flag and those representing Italy's regions should be displayed in front of government offices.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

European nations have proudly flown the EU flag since the days of the Council of Europe. The flag, as well as the European anthem, represents the bloc's motto, "United in Diversity." The 27-member bloc believes in honoring its individual sovereign nations as well as the combined strength of the union, and this flag should be flown proudly.

Establishment-critical narrative

European elites use the EU flag as a way to prioritize the collective bloc over their own countries and people, effectively disgracing the history and sovereignty of their own nations. The EU is not a country, and those who don't like national sovereignty should not be imposing their will on the majority who do. There should be no obligation to fly the EU flag.

Metaculus Prediction

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