Italy: Sardinia Elects First Female Leader, Defeats Meloni's Party

Italy: Sardinia Elects First Female Leader, Defeats Meloni's Party
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The Facts

  • Alessandra Todde of the left-wing Five Star Movement (M5S) party has won the Sardinian presidential election, defeating Paolo Truzzu of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's right-wing Brothers of Italy party.

  • Truzzu, who was handpicked by Meloni to run on her party's ticket, won 45% of the vote while Todde narrowly beat him with 45.4%.

The Spin

Left narrative

Despite pre-election polls giving the Brothers of Italy an advantage, Todde has proven that Sardinia is shifting in a more liberal direction. Even in the capital Cagliari, where Truzzo was Mayor, the PD-M5S coalition was extremely popular. Todde will not only become the first female leader of the island but also have a historic liberal majority in the regional council.

Right narrative

While liberals will tout this as a grand come-from-behind victory, the truth is that this was only a local race — a very close one for that matter. The Brothers of Italy and its coalition partners remain far ahead of the Democratic Party and M5S at the national level. Meloni picked the wrong candidate this time around, but the Italian people as a whole are still on her side.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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