Macron Suspends Controversial Voting Reform in New Caledonia

Macron Suspends Controversial Voting Reform in New Caledonia
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The Facts

  • French Pres. Emmanuel Macron suspended controversial voting reforms in the Pacific island New Caledonia on Wednesday, prompted by one month of violent protests and civil unrest in the French colony.

  • The proposed changes would’ve given voting rights to non-indigenous residents of the island, leading members of the native Kanak to express concern. Violence erupted on May 13 and France declared a national emergency in the territory on May 15.

The Spin

Left narrative

French colonialism has subjugated the Kanak people of New Caledonia for far too long, creating a situation in which native people have become a minority. The proposed voting reforms would have further disenfranchised Kanaks by diluting their votes and undermining their efforts for increased self-governance. Macron and his government have botched this situation, and the Kanak people were justified in their protest of France’s ongoing colonization.

Right narrative

The situation around the Kanak people exposes the stunning hypocrisy of the left. Establishment liberals are eager to voice concern over an indigenous group having its votes diluted by non-indigenous immigrants. This same standard, however, isn't applied to White Europeans, as the left demands that non-Europeans be allowed to vote in local elections. There are strong arguments for the Kanak right to self-determination, and those same arguments apply to Europeans.

Metaculus Prediction

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