Nigeria: Army Rescues Abducted Students

    Nigeria: Army Rescues Abducted Students
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    The Facts

    • In an operation on Sunday, the Nigerian military rescued students and staff from a school in Kuriga, in the northwestern Kaduna state, who had been kidnapped by a terrorist group earlier this month, just before the ransom payment of 1B naira ($690K) deadline.

    • The operation in the neighboring state of Zamfara resulted in the release of 137 captives. According to the military spokesperson, 76 female and 61 male hostages were released. The gunmen initially captured 287 staff members and students.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The military's successful rescue operation and the release of hostages are wonderful news. Experts believe the economic crisis is fueling the surge in school attacks and abductions as an increasing number of Nigerians resort to criminal activity as a means of livelihood. Nigeria has pledged to tighten up security and bring all abducted schoolchildren back to their families.

    Narrative B

    Nigeria's Northwestern Kaduna State has suffered four school abductions in the last four years. The central government does not control its territory, and hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people (IDP) live in government camps under appalling circumstances. It's good news that the military was able to bring these children home. However, there are still many more missing. The government is responsible for ensuring that all children can come back home.

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