Peru: Congress Declines to Impeach President

Peru: Congress Declines to Impeach President
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The Facts

  • The Peruvian Congress rejected two separate motions on Thursday, 49-33 and 59-32, to launch a formal debate on impeaching Pres. Dina Boluarte on the grounds of moral incapacity.

  • Boluarte, who is currently under an illicit enrichment investigation into her high-end Rolex watches and jewelry collection valued at an estimated $500K, has now avoided four impeachment attempts.

The Spin

Narrative A

Boluarte and her unpopular government are corrupt as can be, which makes this Rolex case no surprise. Not only has she used her office to enrich herself with impunity, but she and her supporters have violently cracked down on dissent — and likely carried out extrajudicial killings — while refusing to hold themselves accountable.

Narrative B

Boluarte is guilty of nothing but purchasing watches with money she's earned throughout her whole life. The only reason this is breaking news is because police were told to raid her home in an excessive fashion. The president is clean of all accusations thrown against her and will serve out her term through 2026.

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