Report: AI 'Apocalypse' Could Remove Nearly 8M UK Jobs

Report: AI 'Apocalypse' Could Remove Nearly 8M UK Jobs
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The Facts

  • A report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) claims that in a "worst-case scenario" 7.9M UK jobs could be lost to artificial intelligence (AI) with no impact on gross domestic product (GDP) in a "second wave" of job replacement.

  • In the report, titled "Transformed by AI," technological advancements are described as a "double-edged sword," as the IPPR advocates for preparations to begin concerning the integration of generative AI into "every aspect of knowledge work."

The Spin

Narrative A

While AI hype has catalyzed stock values for Big Tech, lower and middle class blue- and white-collar workers are at danger. Regulation must be passed to ensure that — if a major workplace revolution occurs — those left in the dust are looked after. If not, societal divisions will exponentially increase for the worse.

Narrative B

To the disappointment of many 20th century dystopian fantasists, technology is not here to take over the world. It's likely AI will merely ease the load of repetitive workforce tasks that have historically degraded the role of humans to soulless machines in the workforce. Many sectors of the job market are irreplaceable and rely on emotional nuances that technology will never be able to replicate.

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