Report: Almost 40% of US Residents Exposed to Air Pollution

Report: Almost 40% of US Residents Exposed to Air Pollution
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The Facts

  • A report released Wednesday by the American Lung Association says nearly 40% of Americans (more than 131M people) are exposed to harmful levels of air pollution.

  • The State of the Air report states that although there have been long-term efforts to clean the air in the US, the situation has worsened in recent years. Rising temperatures have increased ozone production and dust. Wildfire smoke has polluted the air with harmful particles.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Poor American air quality is even more bad news for low-income and minority populations, which have historically inhaled more polluted air than people in affluent neighborhoods or gentrified areas. This is clearly a product of structural racism and it's a crisis that must be addressed by the US government.

Pro-establishment narrative

In order to tackle this problem, the US government needs to come up with all-encompassing solutions. Already cars are using cleaner fuels and coal-fired facilities are being shut down. More can be done as long as there's the requisite amount of federal and local investment to continue the momentum.

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