Report: Pentagon Ran Secret Anti-Vax Campaign to Discredit China

Report: Pentagon Ran Secret Anti-Vax Campaign to Discredit China
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The Facts

  • According to a Reuters investigation published on Friday, the US Pentagon launched a clandestine anti-vaccination campaign in the Philippines at the height of the pandemic to counter a perceived growth of Chinese influence in the hard-hit country.

  • According to the news agency, at least 300 social media accounts were created on X — the platform then known as Twitter — to call into question the safety and efficiency of China's Sinovac, as well as the quality of test kits and face masks.

The Spin

Republican narrative

How hypocritical must Democrats be to claim that former Pres. Donald Trump was racist and xenophobic for calling the coronavirus the "China virus" during the 2020 presidential campaign, only to allow the Pentagon to continue conducting this propaganda campaign against China for months after Joe Biden took office?

Democratic narrative

In a bid to harm Chinese interests during the pandemic, the Trump-era Pentagon put innocent lives at risk in several countries, particularly in US treaty ally Philippines. If that wasn't outrageous and un-American enough, they deliberately concealed this campaign from the Biden admin., which terminated it after being warned by social media executives.

Metaculus Prediction

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