Report: US Seeks Israeli Assurances on Arms Aid

    Report: US Seeks Israeli Assurances on Arms Aid
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    The Facts

    • Citing US and Israeli officials, Axios reported Tuesday that the Biden administration has given Israel until mid-March to pledge to abide by international law while using US weapons, as well as allow humanitarian aid into Gaza as part of a broader national security memorandum.

    • This comes as negotiations between Israel and Hamas continued on Wednesday in Qatar, with a senior Hamas official stating that "the gap is still wide," but "space for flexibility" remains. Though he added that Hamas wants guarantees of a permanent cease-fire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Israel must be able to defend itself from terrorist attacks from Gaza or elsewhere, and the US is committed to preventing malicious actors from threatening Israel's legitimate concerns. However, Netanyahu is going too far, and he must be willing to follow through on his promises to compromise on a needed truce. The Biden administration is losing patience with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intransigence.

    Pro-Israel narrative

    Israel will always be thankful for the US' steadfast support, but Pres. Joe Biden needs to take a step back from his criticism of Israel's Prime Minister. Netanyahu is a complicated figure, and Biden has a re-election campaign to worry about, which has created understandable tension between the two. However, Biden must understand that he should be pressuring the Hamas militants — who haven't made a single positive step in finding a compromise — instead of Israel. Israel will pursue its goals, which are incredibly popular with its citizens, regardless of whether it annoys Washington.

    Pro-Palestine narrative

    As Israel's slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza continues unabated, the Biden administration, increasingly anxious over the upcoming election, has resorted to cheap tactics to deny its support for Israel's brutal campaign. Regardless of how the administration tries to spin it, Biden has armed Israel, given it diplomatic cover, and refused to call for a permanent cease-fire — all of which incentivizes continued bloodshed. Indeed, Israel's war on Gaza would be unsustainable without US support, and Biden should enact concrete policy to stop the violence.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 34% chance that Israel will expand its ground invasion to the city of Rafah on or before the first day of Ramadan (before March 12, 2024), according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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