Report: US Shared COVID Lab Leak Evidence With UK in Late 2020

Report: US Shared COVID Lab Leak Evidence With UK in Late 2020
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The Facts

  • The Telegraph has reported that the US in late 2020 shared significant evidence with the UK suggesting the COVID pandemic likely originated from a lab leak in China, but leaders from the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance allegedly ignored the reports.

  • From October to December 2020, then-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly shared information collected at the start of the pandemic that "pointed to the high likelihood that this was indeed a lab leak."

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

As time passes, it's becoming apparent that the lab-leak theory had more legs than the greater world knew during the first year of the pandemic. Sadly, the theory was ignored over time because officials in other countries didn't want to be associated with Trump. Vital evidence may have been lost while prominent governments were turning a blind eye.

Pro-establishment narrative

Governments haven't ruled out the lab leak theory, they're just being cautious about touting it while the scientific community continues to work on this difficult puzzle. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

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