Schumer Planning Second Senate Vote on Immigration Bill

Schumer Planning Second Senate Vote on Immigration Bill
Image copyright: Andrew Harnik/Staff/Getty Images News via Getty Images

The Facts

  • US Senator Chuck Schumer (R-NY), the majority leader, Sunday in a letter to fellow senators announced his intention to put to a vote this week a bipartisan immigration bill that failed to pass earlier this year.

  • Previously, a bipartisan group of senators in February unveiled the bill, which would raise standards for asylum seekers, end "catch and release," and set standards for border closures. But former Pres. Donald Trump opposed the bill, and most Republicans voted against it.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Considering how many concessions Democrats made to Republicans on certain aspects of this bill, Republicans were wrong to reject it the first time and should strongly consider the impact of voting against it again. In addition to doing nothing to secure the border — which they talk about so much — Republicans would be taking a precarious political position on this issue.

Republican narrative

Republicans rejected this bill the first time because of its flaws, which have not been fixed. This bill will codify most of Pres. Biden's failed policies that have put the country in this predicament. If Democrats are serious about border security, they'll get behind the House bill, which would revive many successful Trump-era border policies.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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