Speaker Johnson Among GOP Supporters at NY Trump Trial

Speaker Johnson Among GOP Supporters at NY Trump Trial
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The Facts

  • US House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Tuesday became the latest prominent member of the GOP to appear at the Manhattan courthouse where the criminal trial of former Pres. Donald Trump has been taking place for roughly the past two weeks.

  • In comments made to the press outside the courthouse, Johnson criticized the gag order that's been put on Trump, and described the case as a "yearslong partisan witch hunt" meant to keep the presumptive Republican presidential nominee from "the campaign trail."

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Republicans in Congress seemingly consider themselves to be Trump's unofficial law firm, so it's no surprise Johnson would journey to New York to show fealty to the presumptive GOP nominee and the MAGA base. Johnson has proven his devout religious faith surpassed by his steadfast loyalty to Trump, who helped Johnson fend off a challenge to his speakership earlier this month.

Republican narrative

It's crucial for Trump's supporters to speak out about this politically motivated prosecution by the Democrats while Trump is limited by the partisan judge's gag order. Everyone involved in this bad-faith trial is a Democrat and it's obvious they're trying to keep Trump from campaigning and returning to the White House. The GOP is showing solidarity in the face of the Democrats' weaponized use of the legal system.

Cynical narrative

When it comes to Johnson, his true motivations need further critique. He may say he's opposed to this politically motivated trial and the other Democratic lawfare cases against Trump, but the Speaker has said he won't take the steps necessary to defund the federal cases against the former president. Johnson seems to only show support for Trump and the MAGA movement when he deems it beneficial to himself.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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