Study: 2023's Record Heat Behind 'Astounding' Ocean Temperatures

Study: 2023's Record Heat Behind 'Astounding' Ocean Temperatures
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The Facts

  • According to a study published on Thursday, Earth's ocean's temperatures increased considerably in 2023 — enough to boil away at least 2.3B Olympic-sized swimming pools.

  • Compared to 2022, the annual mean sea surface temperature of the world's oceans rose by approximately 0.23°C (32.41°F), with the second half of last year witnessing an "astounding" increase of over 0.3°C (32.54°F).

The Spin

Narrative A

While the world predominantly focuses on above-water climate challenges, the ocean continues to heat to unprecedented levels. With El Niño having just arrived, it can't be overstated how dangerous the environmental consequences we are beginning to witness could become. After years of empty rhetoric with little meaningful behavioral change, now is the last chance to act before potential climate doom.

Narrative B

Modern-day doomsayers have predicted climate and environmental disasters for decades. None of the apocalyptic predictions have come true so far; why would this time be any different? Moreover, there's no evidence of human influence, such as burning fossil fuels, on the global surface or ocean temperatures that could disrupt the Earth's climate. Spreading lies about global warming can further social divisions.

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