US, TikTok Seek to Fast-Track Schedule on Potential Ban

US, TikTok Seek to Fast-Track Schedule on Potential Ban
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The Facts

  • The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has been petitioned to expedite a US Department of Justice (DOJ) ruling — by Dec. 6 — over whether a potential ban of Tik Tok in the US will be allowed to progress, in case a Supreme Court review takes place by Jan. 19.

  • TikTok content providers went to court on Tuesday attempting to stop a US bill signed into law in April that may ban the app for 170M American users. TikTok and Bytedance have also claimed in a separate court case that a ban would violate First Amendment privileges.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

TikTok's ties with Beijing are too close for comfort — they place American security at risk and are of particular danger to the health of children and teens. The US has made the right decision in ensuring that the social media platform should not be publicly available unless it is entrusted in safe hands.

Pro-China narrative

Allegations of security concerns are merely a veil for the forced sale of a valuable Chinese asset. Intent on remaining the sole digital powerhouse, American insecurities over China's rising technological capabilities are clear to see. By politicizing a social media app, the US is showing its hand and exposing itself to the world as willing to commit daylight robbery in order to protect its interests.

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