Whistleblower: Boeing Plane Parts Had Serious Defects

Whistleblower: Boeing Plane Parts Had Serious Defects
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The Facts

  • A former quality inspector at Spirit AeroSystems, Boeing's largest supplier, has claimed that he often noticed planes with up to 200 defects being shipped out of the factory.

  • Santiago Paredes, who worked for Spirit for over a decade, also said he wasn’t surprised when an entire 737 Max door plug blew off an Alaska Airlines flight in January.

The Spin

Narrative A

The overall integrity of Boeing planes is beyond question because they undergo rigorous stress testing and real-world inspections, and they show no signs of fatigue even after years of service. Boeing has also adapted newer standards since its 737 Max disasters to balance safety, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Narrative B

Boeing hasn't given anyone reason to believe it's taking proper safety measures, especially when there are reports of an alleged "criminal cover-up" of their procedures. If left unaddressed, Boeing's lapses could lead to more catastrophe. Boeing has to prove it's getting itself in better shape.

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