White House Halts Approvals of Natural Gas Exports

    White House Halts Approvals of Natural Gas Exports
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    The Facts

    • On Friday, the Biden administration announced that it would temporarily pause approvals of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to countries that don't have free trade arrangements (FTA) with the US, citing climate concern as a key motivator for the decision.

    • Pending decisions on LNG exports will be paused until the Department of Energy (DOE) updates its five-year-old authorization guidance, which the White House says fails to address issues such as rising energy costs and the newest information regarding the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Biden demonstrated his strong leadership and commitment to climate justice on Friday by pausing approvals of LNG exports. The science is clear that the climate crisis is an existential threat, and fossil fuels are a leading contributor to environmental damage. Natural gas exports have risen dramatically since the DOE last studied its impact on the environment, and it would be an injustice to allow rampant exports without knowing the environmental consequences.

    Republican narrative

    Biden continues to allow his administration to be hijacked by radical climate cultists who want to completely destroy the oil and gas industry without any viable replacement. Not only does Biden’s decision to halt exports hurt the American economy and eliminate thousands of jobs, but it also plays right into Russia’s hands. Regardless of one’s opinion on fossil fuels, LNG will be a crucial part of the world’s energy supply for decades to come, and Biden’s assault on American energy independence hurts the entire world.

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