23 October 2022

Weekly Newsletter

Military & Armed Conflict

Australia said it's committed to military cooperation with Indonesia,North Korea fired more artillery shells in a "grave warning" to Seoul,the Ethiopian army captured three towns in Tigray,and the UN said that "armed action" is needed in Haiti amid its growing crisis.Meanwhile, rebel infighting in Syria worsened after a truce collapsed,at least eight were killed in a prison blast in Myanmar,and over 150 were killed in two days of violence in Sudan.


Russian strikes continued across Ukraine this week, with dozens of drones reportedly striking Kyiv on Monday.The attacks reportedly escalated throughout the week, targeting critical energy infrastructures.In response, Ukrenergo - Ukraine's principal energy provider - imposed rolling blackouts across the country on Thursday,and on Saturday, it announced that some cities had reduced electricity use by up to 20% as others in central and western Ukraine were left without electricity altogether.Ukrainian Pres. Zelenskyy alleged the strikes were "another kind" of Russian terror attack and claimed that 30% of Ukraine's power stations have been destroyed since Oct. 10.Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Russian Pres. Putin declared martial law in Ukraine's four recently annexed territories, giving local authorities additional powers to "ensure security in their regions."This came as Gen. Sergei Surovikin, the new commander of Russia's forces in Ukraine, announced that his troops would help evacuate residents of the Kherson region in anticipation of a suspected Ukraine counterattack.This effort met a setback, however, when a ferry crossing carrying residents from the area was reportedly attacked by Ukrainian rockets on Friday.

World Politics

Xi Jinping secured a third term in power as China held its twice-a-decade National Communist Party Congress,India's congress party elected its first non-Gandhi president in decades,former PM Imran Khan dominated Pakistan's by-electionsbut was then later disqualified from holding office for five years,Malaysia announced plans to hold early elections,and dozens were killed in Chad as protesters demanded civilian rule.Meanwhile, the UK summoned a PRC diplomat over a consulate incident,Israel's national intelligence agency Mossad was allegedly behind a kidnapping in Malaysia,and Australia reversed its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capitaland pledged millions in climate and security aid for the Pacific.In other news, Pakistan said it's ready to buy Russian oil,US Pres. Biden reportedly has "no plans" to meet Saudi's leader at the upcoming G20 summit,the US reportedly agreed not to support non-state actors in Afghanistan,and the EU imposed sanctions on Iranafter a report revealed that it plans to ship missiles and more drones to Russia.In the UK, a tumultous week saw Chancellor of Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng sacked,the home secretary and chief whip quit,and Liz Truss resign after just 45 days as PM.

US Politics

As the November midterms approach,a New York Times/Sienna College poll showed that economic jitters are boosting support for Republicans,an Axios-Ipsos poll said that crucial Latino voters have "cooled" on both parties,and Biden - who announced he will campaign opposite Florida Gov. DeSantis - vowed to push to restore abortion rights if Democrats win control of the House.Meanwhile, Marco Rubio and Val Demings clashed in the Florida Senate race,Ohio Senate candidates J.D. Vance and Tim Ryan held their final debate,Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp debated in the Georgia governor race,Raphael Warnock and Chase Oliver contested in the Georgia Senate debate,and the Utah Senate debate focused on Jan. 6.In other news, the Jan. 6 Committee subpoenaed Trump,a US jury acquitted a source in the Steele dossier,the Dept. of Justice pushed for Steve Bannon to serve six months in prison,but he was ultimately sentenced to four,an appeals court ordered Lindsey Graham to testify in the Georgia election probe,and Arizona asked the Feds to probe an alleged voter intimidation case.Meanwhile, Congress said it would investigate the Jackson, Miss. water crisis,New York City opened a tent shelter for asylum seekers,and SCOTUS decided not to hear an attempt to block Biden's student-loan relief plan.

Civil Liberties

An Iranian schoolgirl was allegedly beaten to death by security forces,an Iranian climber arrived in Tehran after competing without a hijab,France repatriated 40 children and 15 women from Syria,and staff from the news agency Al Jazeera alleged systemic harassment.Meanwhile, the UN said that it's "distressed" over 92 refugees found stripped at the Turkey-Greece borderand estimated that the war in Ukraine has pushed 4M children into poverty,a study revealed that companies are losing women leaders at alarming rates,and Sweden dropped its "feminist foreign policy..


Lebanon warned that its cholera outbreak is "spreading rapidly,"over-the-counter hearing aids became available in the US,Pfizer announced possible price hikes for its COVID shots,an FDA panel voted to remove pregnancy drug Makena from the market,and the US expanded access to opioid addiction medicine for pregnant women.

Money & Economy

The US announced plans to release 15M barrels of oil from its reserves,the UK's new chancellor reversed planned tax cuts and scaled back support for energy bills,UK inflation hit 10.1%,and the EU failed to reach an agreement on a gas price cap.Meanwhile, the UN said that Somalia could be facing its worst famine in half a century,and mass protests were held in Paris over inflation, climate, and wages.

Weather & Environment

Scientists warned that a warming climate could increase the risk of arctic "virus spillover,"the US rolled out nearly $3B for electric vehicle battery production,Hawaii was rattled by quakes as Mauna Loa - the world's largest active volcano - entered a state of unrest,and the UN revealed that Colombia's coca crops grew to "historic levels..


McLaren racing boss Zak Brown accused Red Bull of cheating.

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