Argentina: Vice-President Escapes Gun Attack

Photo: TVP Argentina/AP [via DW]

The Facts

  • On Thurs., Argentina's current vice-president and former president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, narrowly avoided a reported assassination attempt after having a pistol pointed at her head at point-blank range outside her home in Buenos Aires.

  • She escaped unharmed as the handgun jammed and the attacker was detained shortly after as he was surrounded by pro-Kirchner supporters, who have been rallying near her residence as she faces a corruption trial.

The Spin

Left narrative

By inciting the population against Kirchner, Argentina's mainstream media, the country's judiciary, and opposition leaders have created a volatile environment. As far-right extremism and hate speech plagues Latin America, democracy is under threat, and acts of political violence such as this attempted shooting are only likely to increase.

Right narrative

The response of Pres. Alberto Fernández's administration to this incident is deplorable. The government should be conducting a deep investigation into this serious attack against Argentina's vice president to maintain law and order. However, Fernández has instead declared a holiday to agitate its left-leaning militants while irresponsibly accusing the media, the judiciary, and the opposition.

Political split



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