Biden Urges COVID Funding and Declares "New Moment" in Pandemic

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    The Facts

    • On Wed., Biden received his 2nd booster shot (4th total jab) and urged Congress for more COVID funds. He warned of potential shortages of vaccines, tests and treatments without Congressional support.

    • He also declared a "new moment" whereby testing, vaccinations, and treatments ensure that COVID "no longer controls our lives." The WH also announced a web portal,, to provide community-specific information.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    We've entered another chapter in the pandemic…or perhaps another Omicron subchapter. BA.2 may ultimately prove to be more infectious, but what matters is severe illness and death, which is trending down toward levels not that different from seasonal flu. Let's respect the public's pandemic fatigue.

    Left narrative

    BA.2 is silently hurtling the globe towards catastrophe. Socially-accepted terms like "endemic" and "new normal" are disingenuous as the pandemic rolls into yet another deadly surge. Public health has been cast aside to serve the selfish interests of the ruling elite.

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