China Accused of Illegal Police Stations in the Netherlands

Photo: EPA [via The Guardian]

The Facts

  • On Wednesday, the Dutch foreign ministry announced that it has opened a probe into allegations that China has set up two illegal police stations in the Netherlands, vowing to take the claims — which Beijing has denied — "seriously."

  • This comes as Dutch media have allegedly gathered evidence that at least two Chinese "overseas service stations," meant to provide diplomatic services, are being used to try and silence Chinese dissidents in Europe.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

While Chinese presence on Dutch soil was already feared, these findings prove that it's even worse than anticipated. The Dutch government must immediately close these illegal police stations and halt their activities as a message to Beijing that its infiltration into the country to promote repression against Chinese dissidents won't be tolerated.

Pro-China narrative

There's a very simple explanation for these diplomatic service stations: Given China's strict COVID-related travel restrictions, the CCP set up help centers beyond typical embassies to provide its citizens abroad with more access to services. The latest allegations have failed to turn up concrete evidence and are nothing more than Western lies being used to peddle hatred toward China.

Establishment split



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