CNN Cancels Brian Stelter's Show 'Reliable Sources'

Photo: The New York Times

The Facts

  • On Thursday, media company CNN announced that it's ending its longest-running show, Reliable Sources, and, as a result, the show's anchor Brian Stelter will exit the company.

  • "Reliable Sources" was established as a forum for media critiques, and executives of the network became more critical of the show in recent years, especially as CNN has faced several controversies.

The Spin

Left narrative

This is a futile attempt to move the network towards a more bipartisan appeal by CNN bending its knee to the right-winged critics who have continually bashed Stelter and the show. Stelter was the face of CNN and the symbol of a media establishment personality willing to ask questions, no matter how uncomfortable. This is a terrible move.

Right narrative

After years of CNN becoming entangled in extreme partisanship with the far left, Licht is looking to restore the company's image by promoting straightforward news coverage. Reliable Sources ratings have tanked, drawing in the lowest numbers in several years. Licht recognizes that most of the country is fed up with the media's obsession with democratic politics and is attempting to clean house. Removing Brian Stelter is a great start.

Political split



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