Cyber Tensions Increase Amidst Ukraine War

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    The Facts

    • Last week, the FBI warned US businesses and local governments about potential cyberattacks as Russia invaded Ukraine.

    • The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency suggested possible targets were power grids, pipelines, and critical infrastructure.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The world is bracing for a global cyberwar. Russia has unleashed cyberweapons in Ukraine, and there is possibility that the digital battlefield may expand. It's unknown how this will play out, but disruptions to infrastructure and supply chains worldwide are possible.

    Narrative B

    Both sides have a lot to lose in a cyberwar. If the West pushes too much, authoritarian powers may declare "cyber sovereignty" and create closed surveillance-state internets. If Russia goes too far, it would bring global condemnation and counterstrikes. Neither side wants this.

    Narrative C

    We've done this to ourselves. For decades, governments and businesses chose to build a hyper-connected world. That means more cyber vulnerability to disruption and a sea of disinformation from myriad actors. This is a direct result of our desire for convenience.

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