Judge Temporarily Halts Mask Mandate Ban in VA Schools

Image copyright: Getty Images [via Newsweek]

The Facts

  • A judge on Friday temporarily blocked Gov Glenn Youngkin (R) from requiring 7 VA school districts with mask mandates to offer opt-outs to parents.

  • J. Louise DiMatteo issued a temporary restraining order on Youngkin's Executive Order while lawsuits from the school systems work through the courts.

The Spin

Left narrative

Masks offer important protection and forbidding their requirement in schools -- especially under threat of witheld funds -- is legally questionable at best. But this is just one of many controversies Youngkin has stirred up in the few weeks since his inauguration, as he takes calculated moves to stay in good standing with the Cult of Trump.

Right narrative

This is about choice. Those who wish to wear masks are free to, but VA parents are fed up with the government dictating how to raise their kids. After two years, we have now have better knowledge of vaccines, natural immunity and impacts to children's mental health. Let parents decide!

Cynical narrative

With midterms coming up in November, mask mandates are an emerging battlefield in the left/right culture wars. The pandemic variables are complex and changing... but count on both sides of the aisle to make this a consistently divisive issue until election day.

Political split



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