The Facts

  • On Wed., while visiting Benin, French Pres. Emmanuel Macron pledged to support the West African nation by investing in security, education, and a new French cultural center.

  • This is the second stop of a three-nation tour of West Africa, which started on Mon. and will end in Guinea-Bissau on Thurs., to "renew" relations between France and the region.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

As several African countries are turning to Russia, France must focus on using its leverage to push for a political solution to the Anglophone separatist insurgency. Only by upholding its values will France be able to maintain its influence in Francophone Africa.

Establishment-critical narrative

This trip is an expression of an equally obvious and desperate attempt to revive "Françafrique," not least amid geopolitical tensions with Russia. And when it comes to neocolonialism 2.0, human rights simply don't matter. For Africa, that means more suffering, more corruption, and more coups.

Establishment split



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