The Facts

  • The UN peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA) will reportedly resume its contingent rotation from Mon. "without exception," according to Malian and MINUSMA officials on Saturday.

  • A MINUSMA spokesperson said Bamako and MINUSMA had agreed on a streamlined rotation process to coordinate troop deployments, and the mission's request to resume rotations for the roughly 12K-strong mission had been accepted.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

Mali's government has the primary responsibility to protect its citizens and promote peacekeeping efforts within the country. With French troops withdrawing from the UN mission, German troops are already overwhelmed by the situation. MINUSMA is there to support the government, but they cannot do anything unless granted the permission and authority to do so.

Establishment-critical narrative

The MINUSMA forces - primarily considered a tool of Western imperialism - are not wanted in Mali. The foreign troops stationed in the country show a loss of independence and sovereignty. Real peace-making steps cannot be taken until these troops leave.

Establishment split



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