MD Lawmakers Override Veto, Expand Abortion Access

Image copyright: The Washington Post

The Facts

  • Maryland's Democrat-controlled General Assembly has overridden Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's veto on a measure to expand access to abortion in the state.

  • The new law will end a restriction that only permits physicians to provide abortions, allowing any provider who already cares for pregnant patients - including midwives, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners - to do so.

The Spin

Right narrative

This is disappointing, and radical. Many companies will now be compelled to pay for abortions, which should be private and personally-funded procedures. Taxpayers will also be forced to contribute to something they may fundamentally disagree with. Besides, the new law will only lead to more risk for women, as it's now legal for non-physicians to perform abortions.

Left narrative

Counter to what Republicans are saying, this new measure is not radical. It's purpose is simply to support more practitioners who can provide these procedures. It will ensure that patients don't face long waits or financial barriers, guaranteeing fair access to health care.

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