Novel "Maus" Removed from Tennessee School Curriculum

Photo: AP [via PBS]

The Facts

  • The McMinn County School Board voted unanimously to remove the graphic novel 'Maus' from its 8th grade curriculum.

  • Written by Art Spiegleman, the Pulitzer-Prize winning book depicts the Holocaust through Nazi cats and Jewish mice.

The Spin

Left narrative

This is about right-wing dog whistles, and echoes the removal of Black-history books for promoting so-called "CRT"; is American-Jewish history the next to be denied? It's a harbinger of dangerous things to come in America.

Right narrative

The left is overreacting. Maus wasn't banned, merely removed from an 8th grade reading list, and remains in the school's library. Maus is more age-appropriate for high school and college students and this was a local decision.

Political split



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