'Sabotage' to Blame for German Rail Disruption

Photo: AFP [via France 24]

The Facts

  • A train communications system in Germany was sabotaged on Saturday, according to authorities, forcing passenger and cargo trains to halt for around three hours across the northwest of the country.

  • A security source said there are a few possible causes, ranging from the more common event of cable theft to a targeted attack, with Germany's Transport Minister saying he believed it was "targeted and malicious."

The Spin

Anti-Russia narrative

Though no direct evidence has been uncovered so far, this attack comes as tensions between Russia and the West are escalating, and Putin is known to have already used infrastructure and energy warfare. After the Nord Stream pipeline was likely sabotaged, this could very well be Putin's next move.

Pro-Russia narrative

Infrastructure cyberattacks like these have occurred many times in recent years, many of which were at the hands of far-left groups, not the Russian government. Countries like Germany and the US are quick to blame Putin, however many of these terrorist attacks have proven beneficial to the West, not the other way around.

Establishment split



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