Six Juveniles Investigated for Bomb Threats Against HBCUs

Photo: Time

The Facts

  • The FBI announced on Wednesday that they've identified 6 juvenile persons-of-interest in a series of bomb threats targetting historically black colleges and universities.

  • At least 17 institutions received threats between Monday and Tuesday, leading to the cancellation of in-person classes and building lockdowns.

The Spin

Narrative A

This was an attack on learning while Black, and serves as a reminder that HBCUs are a haven from white supremacy. Domestic terrorism has exploded in recent years and future copycats and extremists must be stopped.

Narrative B

HBCUs must contend with the shadow of violence, which is tied to their systemic underfunding. These threats are sadly just the latest indignity HBCUs have suffered. State legislatures nationwide need to be proactive and fix this.

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