UK: PM Rishi Sunak Appoints New Cabinet

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The Facts

  • Rishi Sunak has filled key ministerial posts in his government, after being appointed as the UK's PM on Tuesday. The new Conservative party leader enacted an extensive reshuffle that has seen many of his predecessor Liz Truss' supporters leave cabinet.

  • Those who have exited include business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, Conservative Party chairman Sir Jake Berry, and chief tory whip Wendy Morton. Brandon Lewis has also been removed from his role as justice secretary, while Robert Buckland has been relieved as secretary of state for Wales.

The Spin

Right narrative

Sunak's cabinet reshuffle is an essential remedy following the disaster of Truss' premiership and his changes will go a long way to restoring stability. The PM's focus on party unity and ministerial experience is the right approach as he attempts to guide the UK through a difficult economic and political period.

Left narrative

In a desperate attempt to stabilize his own position and unite warring Tories, Sunak has brought back a gang of talentless ex-ministers with records as frontbench flops. This outdated and bland cabinet will only see the UK continue in its unsuccessful status quo that has wreaked havoc in recent years. This is a discouraging start.

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