UN Suspends Anti-Torture Mission to Australia

Photo: cnn

The Facts

  • The UN has suspended its anti-torture mission to Australia after inspectors were not permitted to visit several jails and detention facilities, according to the UN's Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture.

  • The "drastic" decision, as characterized by lead inspector Aisha Muhammad, makes Australia the fourth country to have anti-torture inspectors suspend or postpone missions after Rwanda, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Resisting the UN team's mission poses the confusing question of why Australia would freely choose to ratify the framework and then continue to oppose its implementation. Tens of thousands of people are forcibly detained daily in Australia and have their human rights infringed upon — this is a concerning violation of international norms.

Pro-establishment narrative

Australia is committed to upholding human rights and meeting UN compliance deadlines. Despite the blunt ending to this visit, there is hope that the inspection can ultimately resume. The perplexing actions of the New South Wales and Queensland governments don't represent Canberra's commitments to human rights.

Establishment split



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